Apex Home Constructions specialise in the construction of custom designed homes. We tailor house designs to suit individual tastes and lifestyles, as well as environmental specifications such as sloping sites. Our commitment is to ensure the end result is a home perfectly suited to you.

If you're looking to extend living areas in your home or give your home a facelift, Apex Home Constructions offers competitively priced home renovation, extension and building additions, which also includes decking, pool building and concreting services.

Finished custom house design

Custom Design & Construct

Apex Home Constructions is a quality custom home building specialist. Every home we build is UNIQUE meaning no two houses are ever the same! This means you get your own individually designed home built to your needs, style and budget.

Karl will work with you to produce original plans, or can use your plans and provide advanced ideas to complement the design. We will also work with you to determine the building schedule and timelines, so we can best meet (and exceed) your expectations for your new custom built home.

Clever design does not need to be expensive. For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we make in life; therefore, it should be well considered to maximise a site's potential, to suit our individual lifestyles and to reflect the relationship between the client and their preferred environment.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all current trends. Being in the industry for so many years, we have an in-depth understanding of how to find practical solutions for you, so you get everything you want in your custom home.

At Apex Homes we are dedicated to building functional, environmentally conscious homes that are designed specifically for your site, and designs are always implemented with ideal aspect, access, climate, ventilation and the cost of the project in mind.

Don't settle for a home that doesn't fit your family and lifestyle Call Karl at Apex Home Constructions today on 0400 006 877

Outdoor extension and alteration

Extensions, Alterations & Additions

Home Renovations

Need to knock down a few walls to create more space? Sick of that tired looking kitchen or bathroom? Whether it be small changes or a complete overhaul, home renovations can provide you with something you are proud to wake up to everyday and at the same time adds significant value to your major asset. With more than 15 years' experience in the building industry, Apex Homes can give you the peace of mind that your home renovation is not going to turn into a DIY nightmare, as it will be in the hands of experts. Apex Homes caters for all types of home renovations no matter how small or large the project is.

Home Extensions

For many home owners extending has become very popular due to the cost of selling your existing home and relocating to a new home. A well thought out home extension can provide you with the extra living and sleeping space you require for a growing family. With 15 years' experience in the building industry, Apex Home Constructions gives you the peace of mind that your home extension is in the hands of experts. Apex Homes caters for all types of home extensions no matter how small or large the project is.

Home Addition

Looking to add some extra space to your home and the only way is up? Like most people you probably like where you live, your children enjoy their school, but in reality your home has become too small for your growing family. Adding a second storey could be the answer. Instead of moving to a larger home in a new area and being hit by exorbitant selling costs, a home addition could work out to be a great investment. By partnering with Apex Homes we can give you peace of mind that your home addition is designed and completed by the best tradesmen. Apex Homes caters for all types of home additions no matter how small or large the project is.

concreting a drive way


If you require a structural slab, we can create it. Whatever you need-a house slab, shed slab, under house slab, a slab out the front for your caravan or boat, or even one out the back for your water tank, we can build it.

Perhaps you just want to build a block wall, retaining wall or you need a footing, we have got you covered.

  • Home and shed slabs
  • Suspended slabs
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths and pathways
  • Drains and drainage systems
  • Concrete stairs
  • Steel fixing
  • Form work

Finishing options include:

  • Grey
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Coloured
  • Polished
  • Paving
deck and pool

Decks & Pools


Eventually you may discover that as your family grows, or your deck is too small, you need a bigger home to allow you and your family some extra room to entertain. You could look at an extension, or moving, but by building a new deck you can make the most of the Queensland climate and give yourself a whole lot more room to entertain.

Timber decks are a stylish and practical addition to any home. Outdoor decking can significantly expand your home's floor space for dining, entertaining and relaxing, and greatly relieve the pressures that your growing family place on a home. When you have your fantastic new deck, you will enjoy a large indoor / outdoor space and you will soon wonder how you ever survived without it. It doesn't matter what season, you will love the way your Apex Homes deck adds significant value to your home, as well as to your lifestyle, as you make the most of your very own "Outback".


When choosing a new pool for your home, you may choose between fibreglass swimming pools or concrete swimming pools, and you'll need to know the difference between the two in order to make your choice. Concrete swimming pools are poured just like any other concrete slab is poured; a mould is shaped and formed in the ground and then braces set to keep the concrete in place. Once it hardens, it's ready for treatment and then for water. When you choose concrete swimming pools, you can create any design you want since it will adhere to the shape you create.

Fibreglass swimming pools are premade in a factory according to their mould. This means their shape is fixed and solid, and you would then work the ground around that shape and not the other way around. Those fibreglass swimming pools are already coated and have their steps built-in so you don't need an additional fixture.

Typically concrete swimming pools are more expensive since there is more work involved, while fibreglass swimming pools are more budget-friendly. You get more freedom of design and shape with concrete but there is more work involved in preparing your land for its pouring. You may also want to consider the safety of concrete versus fibreglass swimming pools, as fibreglass is easier on the skin when you scrape or smack against it; whereas, concrete can be more dangerous.

Only you can determine the best choice for your home. It may be good to take some measurements of your space and then note the options you have for fibreglass swimming pools, to determine if it will fit that space, and then compare those options to concrete choices. This will help you to decide which is right for your home and your budget.

sloping site build

Sloping Sites

At Apex Home Constructions we custom design your home for your sloping site "to suit YOUR budget". This means you get your own individually designed home that is unique as no two of our houses are ever the same!

Building on sloping blocks does pose some challenges that not all home builders are willing to take on. Some of these challenges include problems with energy consumption, ventilation, drainage and access. Apex Home Constructions are experts when it come to addressing these challenges, and employ a variety of tactics suited to the specifics of the site. They ensure that houses built on inclined blocks are cost effective, environmentally conscious, well ventilated and adequately drained, but still offer the views and the unique aspect often afforded by sloping sites.

There are a number of building methods that can be matched to the specific challenges of your site. Contemporary solutions to the problems posed by inclined blocks avoid the 'cut and fill' method that was once popular, and often lead to expensive drainage problems down the track. Apex Homes maintains that it is better to work with a slope than to dig through it.

We believe that building on sloped land has a number of benefits that are often overlooked and the rewards are considerable.

First and foremost, a slope allows for split or multiple levels and a flow throughout the property that perfectly complements the land. The human eye instinctively appreciates diversity of height. This flow will also translate to regular natural breezes passing through, leaving your home fresh and light.

Apex Home Constructions is dedicated to building functional, environmentally conscious homes that are designed specifically for your site. Designs are always implemented with ideal aspect, access, ventilation and the cost of the project in mind.

We'll tailor the solution to fit your needs. Looking for the best solutions to fit your sloping block? Call Karl at Apex Home Constructions today on 0400 006 877

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